Wednesday 13 February 2019

Dive into industrial automation software.

SolutionsPT is hosting a free Tech Day event for manufacturers, allowing them to take a deep dive into the latest Wonderware software, explore the digital modelling of operational assets and the very latest OT cyber security advancements.

The event, which will be held on Tuesday, February 26th, at SolutionsPT’s Cheadle headquarters (GB), will offer a look at the latest Wonderware software advancements and cyber security solutions, through a combination of demos, case studies and hands-on workshops.

Attendees will explore the latest Wonderware developments in Operational Control, and the improved alarm management and real-time operator awareness offers by the newest InTouch and System Platform. Another session will allow delegates to explore how they can model their operational assets digitally using Wonderware System Platform 2017, enabling them to gain operational insight that goes beyond that offered by traditional SCADA visualisation.

For those looking to mitigate the cyber security risk to their Industrial Control Systems, SolutionsPT will introduce its partnership with OT cyber security specialists, Claroty. A pre-lunch session will look at how Claroty’s anomaly detection solution can deliver a deeper insight into ICS networks, helping manufacturers to achieve complete visibility of their assets and any threats.

A series of afternoon breakout sessions will enable those attending to build on the knowledge gained during the morning with optional, hands-on workshops and demonstrations.

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