Friday 22 February 2019

Design, selection, and functioning of control valves.

The first-edition release of Fluid Mechanics of Control Valves: How Valves Control Your Process, a practical reference guide to proper control valve design, selection, and operation has been published by ISA.

Written by Hans D. Baumann, Ph.D., PE—a world-renowned expert on control valve technology—the book reflects the latest understanding of how fluid mechanics and acoustics affect control valve performance.

“The book is primarily targeted to instrument and process engineers needing fundamental knowledge about control valves and their role in industrial process control systems,” says Dr. Baumann, who is credited with more than 100 patents relating to control valves. “In addition to outlining the mechanical and functional value and importance of control valves, it helps engineers avoid destructive effects, such as cavitation, fluid-induced vibration, and excessive sound levels.

“Furthermore, the book includes up-to-date valve sizing equations and reference tables for selecting the proper type and size of a control valve for a given application. This makes it a valuable reference and technical guide for practicing professionals as well as for college students studying automatic control theory.”

Examples and equations are presented in metric and US customary terms and measurements.

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