Wednesday 20 February 2019

Power resistor manufacturer development!

Telema S.p.A has appointed Andrew Keith, former engineering director at the group’s subsidiary company, Cressall Resistors, as its new group product development director.

Andrew Keith
The Telema group forms the largest resistor manufacturing group in the world, spanning across 20 countries with over 1,500 employees. In the newly created role, Keith will collaborate with companies from across the group to develop a standardised range of load banks.

A load bank is an electrical load made from resistors, inductors or capacitors, or a combination depending on the application. Its purpose is to validate that an electrical power source will perform correctly to full capacity, this can be either upon completion of manufacture, installation or as part of on-going maintenance.

Each subsidiary part of the group has its own wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering bespoke power resistor solutions for the most demanding of applications. Keith’s work will build upon these individual successes and will use the expertise of each company to develop a standard range of load banks that will suit the wider marketplace.

After starting at Cressall in 2007, Keith worked on a variety of projects before progressing to the position of engineering manager and then to his latest director role. During his time at the company, Keith specialised in the design and manufacturing of power resistors for electricity transmission and distribution and for industrial applications. This included work on bespoke designs for Neutral Grounding Devices (NGR / NER), Harmonic Filtering Resistors, Dynamic Braking (DBR) and load banks.

The abundance of experience that Keith gained at Cressall will be of great benefit to his new role, which will begin with a research project that will see him work across the entire group in order to create a new range of standardised load banks for multiple sectors. This project is the first to be conducted across the group, allowing each subsidiary to build upon the others experience and offering.

On his new appointment, Keith explains, “the newly created role is a positive investment for the group and marks an exciting opportunity to bring together the expertise and resources of the Telema subsidiaries to offer our customers the benefits of our shared knowledge.

“By making the most of each member of the group’s own proficiencies in the load bank field, my new role will help to bridge the gaps between each company’s individual expertise, to create a standardised product that will also help to fill a gap in Telema’s existing product range”.

Following the extensive research of each company’s offerings, Keith’s work on the development of a standardised product will enhance the value of the group’s product range which will, in turn, contribute to an increase in sales.

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