Thursday 24 May 2018

BSc Degree in Process Instrumentation and Automation now recruiting.

“We have found it increasingly difficult to attract staff with qualifications in Instrumentation and Automation. We very much welcome the Learn + Work Programme in this area and it is a perfect fit for us” Chris Kennedy - Managing Director, Hanley Measurement and Control

A new BSc Degree in Process Instrumentation and Automation in the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB IRL) is kicking off in September. This is an innovative new “Learn + Work” progamme designed in consultation with industry to deliver work ready graduates to the process and manufacturing sectors. They are now looking to recruit high calibre students who ultimately will make their way out into Irish and international industries.

Key Points
3 year Level 7 BSc Degree qualification
5 months/year in college (ITB)
7 months/year in company learning (student receives min payment of €180 per week while in placement)
A limited number of places fully funded by the Irish MedTech Skillnet still available (Covers €3,000/year registration fee)
Non CAO entry route (Direct application to ITB.)
For more information contact Mark Keyes on +353 1 8851035 or
This is a great opportunity for prospective students to achieve a Degree qualification and extensive work experience throughout the 3 years of the programme. Fees for this course are covered by Irish Medtech Association Skillnet for a limited number of entrants in September 2018. The fact that there are fully funded places available and a payment for students while in company makes it even more attractive.

"Share this with colleagues or anyone else that you feel might know someone that this might interest. Because it is not on the CAO there are potentially many school leavers (and others) who just will not come across this programme when it might be exactly what suits them." said a spokesman in the ITB's Department of Engineering.

"Automation professionals who understand the context of the industry and the types of career opportunities in this area are best placed to advise potential candidates."

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