Tuesday 22 May 2018

Underground Survivalists.

The New Generation Twisted-Pair Cable from Hradial Special Cables is a robust alternative to the Standard Coaxial Cable. In terms of its mechanical and functional integrity and reliable signal transmission it clearly outperforms the standard coax cable. Typical applications for the new cable are power supply systems and data transmission for TV inspection robots for underground sewers.

All too often Coaxial cables are stressed to their limit, mechanically as well as physically, and sometimes even beyond it because of the way they are constructed: whenever they are subjected to high tensile and torsional loads - which is the case if they are used on sewer inspection robots - the central coaxial conductor located at the core experiences the full brunt of these forces, thereby becoming the weakest link in the package. If there is an accident, the heavy TV inspection robot is pulled back out of the sewer by the cable. Core breakages inside of the cable are then really only a question of time.

In the case of Hradil’s New Generation Twisted-Pair Cable with its 7.4 mm diameter, however, all tensile and torsional loads are absorbed by the complete cable cross-section. Apart from its outstanding mechanical properties, the New Generation Twisted-Pair Cable has excellent EMI characteristics. Moreover, and, different from the Coax cable, there are no limitations for the Twisted-Pair Cable in terms of available lengths and no data loss. HRADIL offers the New Generation Twisted-Pair Cables with lengths of 100 to 750 meters, and, if requested, even as a plug-and-play version with the connector already fitted.

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