Tuesday 22 May 2018

Indication in the round!

andersDX has launched a new range of larger high performance circular displays of 3” and 4.2” diameter, aimed particularly at automotive, industrial and marine dashboards. The new displays complement andersDX existing range of TFT, PMOLED and OLED modules of just over 1” diameter, which are aimed at wearable applications.

Paul Hooper, Display Group Manager at andersDX said, “The new circular TFT module brings a contemporary look for the automotive and marine market as well as medical and industrial applications. Larger in size, they also offer a greater temperature range, wide viewing angle and high brightness. Usually seen as a volume production solution, we can offer circular modules with an affordable NRE and tooling cost structure for lower volume industrial applications.”

The new additions to the range of circular displays include 3.0” and 4.2” full-colour TFT modules which offer wide viewing angles, high contrast ratios and an extended temperature range of -30° to +85°C making them perfect for demanding environmental conditions.

The new larger displays complement the existing range of smaller circular TFT displays that vary in size from 1.22” to 1.38”, ideal for wearable electronics and small home appliances. AndersDX’s circular range includes a 1.3” circular AMOLED and a 1.13” PMOLED display.

Paul Hooper concluded, “With andersDX range of round TFT, AMOLED and PMOLED modules, there is no excuse not to consider a circular option should it make sense for your application. The expert design team at andersDX can also offer advice on the best technology to use and talk through custom options such as enhanced or reduced brightness, custom cover lenses or unique sizes.”

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