Tuesday 22 May 2018

Vehicle dynamics system.

The Correvit® S-Motion vehicle dynamics test system from Kistler uses proven optical measurement technology for non-contact measurement of speed and slip angle. Correvit technology was first introduced in 1981 as the world’s first optical speed and distance sensor and Kistler have continuously improved the technique. The new version uses the latest technology to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability.

The S-Motion offers an ideal solution where high precision measurement of distance, speed (absolute, longitudinal, transverse) and angle are required for dynamic vehicle testing, e.g. steady-state circular-course driving (ISO 4138). Accelerometers built into the unit provide longitudinal and transverse acceleration data which is integrated with the optical speed and slip-angle information to provide significantly reduced signal noise and a high measurement frequency of 500 Hz with a minimal signal delay of 6ms.

In addition, an integrated GPS receiver enables the determination of position and time and integrated angular rate sensors allow pitch and roll angle and rotation around the vertical axis of the vehicle to be measured. Further signals such as levelled acceleration or curve radius and the conversion of speed to any point of the vehicle, e.g. centre of gravity or rear axis, are calculated inside the sensor.

These additional signals provide the test engineer with the ability to acquire the large number of measurands required for standard dynamic driving tests and simplifies the instrumentation of the vehicle whilst minimizing application errors.

Correvit S-Motion sensors provide unparalleled accuracy on all standard testing surfaces, even under the most challenging conditions. They feature high-quality optical elements, the latest optoelectronic components and state-of-the-art high-performance signal processing based on DSP and FPGA‘s.

With the Correvit® S-Motion non-contact system, Kistler has provided all of the capability demanded by current driving dynamics testing in one, compact, easy to mount and install unit which may be moved from vehicle to vehicle simply and quickly. Eliminating the need for a precision GPS system to provide vehicle motion data ensures that testing is never dependent on satellite availability.

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