Thursday 17 May 2018

Wind by wireless!

A new Wireless Wind Speed System from Mantracourt is set to become an industry leader within the crane industry. The new out of the box solution, comprising the wireless wind speed display (T24-DWS) and transmitter module (T24-WSSp), is pre-calibrated, making it simple and easy to use. It is a perfect solution for tower cranes, mobile cranes and crawler cranes, effectively monitoring wind speeds, transmitting the data to a display and fully conforming to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

Kelly Voysey, Sales & Marketing Manager at Mantracourt explained: "This new piece of kit has been developed in direct response to demand for a wireless wind speed solution which complies to the Radio Equipment Directive”.

The system, with its surface mounting display module for exclusive use with the wireless wind speed transmitter module, provides high accuracy measurement, offers a quick and effective solution for monitoring wind speeds in a variety of lifting and handling applications and boasts exceptional battery life.

Kelly continued: "We've worked hard to develop a system that runs uninterrupted and reliably for as long as possible. The new kit can provide battery life (using 2 standard alkaline D Cells) in excess of 12 months, when constantly on ".

The in-cab display shows a rolling average wind speed which is updated at the transmission rate of the wind speed sensor (which is once per second out of the box). Meanwhile, the display, which has an optional backlight, can be toggled between m/s and mph. Measuring wind speeds from 5mph to 125mph.

Kelly added: "Another feature which will undoubtedly prove useful to our customers is the internal buzzer and relay which can be configured to different trigger points to control external equipment. For example when wind speeds rise above an assigned limit an alarm can be configured to sound a buzzer and trigger a beacon to alert users”.

The T24-WSSp is designed for mounting to moving booms, with a pivot design to ensure the sensor always remains upright. It uses a low power mode between transmissions to maximise battery life in the field, whilst offering class leading wireless coverage range of up to 800 metres (2,600ft). The display module is externally powered and comes complete with 3m cable and ball jointed cab mount/ wall mount. Its high quality 3-cup rotor anemometer provides measurements in m/s and mph and, forming part of the T24 modular telemetry system, the data transmitted by the T24-WSSp can be received by multiple T24 displays, as well analogue outputs, relay modules and computer interfaces.

She concluded: "We've aimed to tick all the boxes for our customers with this new sensor and display. It's a simple, easy and ready to use solution, though additional configuration is available if that's what a customer requires, with the use of a T24 base station. An additional visualisation tool is also offered via our free, intuitive logging and mapping software"

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