Wednesday 9 May 2018

Partnership to battle cybersecurity!

Wunderlich-Malec and Bedrock Automation are partnering to deliver automation solutions that address 21st century cyber threats while simultaneously delivering powerful and affordable edge control solutions. Wunderlich-Malec will deliver Bedrock OSA from its 32 U.S. locations.

“Every day, there are new disclosures about cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities in the digital systems that run our factories and critical infrastructure. Although many companies have strengthened the resiliency of their networks, their control systems continue to utilize outdated technologies that were not designed to protect users against the types of cyber-attacks we are seeing today,” said Mike Norman, Vice President Operations, Wunderlich-Malec.

Bedrock’s award-winning control systems combine standards-based control and embedded security with industrial hardness and state of the art edge control. Bedrock products mitigate cyber security vulnerabilities from the inside out, in a way that legacy control systems can’t. With over 30 different cyber security technologies intrinsically embedded in every system module, the Bedrock® OSA protects against the vulnerabilities and malware affecting all aspects of automation including controllers, power modules, SCADA networks, process sensors, and actuators.

The Bedrock® platform is scalable from RTU and mini PLC applications requiring as few as ten I/O to large DCS projects involving thousands of I/O points. Bedrock’s free IEC-61131 system engineering tools give Wunderlich-Malec’s engineers additional flexibility to meet clients’ control and cyber security needs at lower costs.

“Wunderlich-Malec has a keen understanding of the cyber security threat and extensive experience in open enterprise integration. We welcome them to the Bedrock community and look forward to working together on these important projects,” said Bedrock Automation founder and CEO Albert Rooyakkers.

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