Thursday 24 May 2018

Retro enclosures!

Two new ranges of desktop enclosures from Hammond Electronics are now available from JPR Electronics . Their retro styling offers manufacturers of high-end hi-fi equipment, audio, broadcast, set-top boxes and other consumer products as well as industrial instrumentation an alternative to conventional cases in applications where appearance can be as important as function.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments, “Many high-end and prestige products require aesthetically pleasing and interesting packaging to meet the expectations of end users. Such products rarely have the volume production to justify a bespoke enclosure. The new Hammond retro styled enclosures offer an ideal solution for these low volume high quality designs.”

The HWCAS consists of a complete walnut frame fitted with aluminium top and optional base panels and is available with either a black powder coat or natural finish. The 1444CWW and the 1441CWW families are fabricated from aluminium or steel respectively and fitted with walnut end panels to the shorter sides. The aluminium version has a natural finish; the steel has a black powder coat finish.

The HWCAS is available in two sizes, either 330 x 254 x 76mm or 432 x 254 x 76mm. The chassis corners are of dovetailed construction, reinforced with corner posts fitted with brass inserts to take the panel fixings. The 2mm thick top panel will support heavy components such as transformers without bowing. The 1444 and 1441CWW units come in six sizes ranging from 178 x 127 x 51mm to 432 x 254 x 102mm. The rigid chassis is spot welded for strength and rigidity and is complete with an integral top panel, with the result that there are no visible fixings to mar the sleek appearance.

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