Wednesday 23 May 2018

NDT in smaller pipes.

Ashtead Technology has added the Phoenix Bracelet Scanner and the latest custom phased array probes to its fleet of rental NDT instruments as a response to an increased demand for the ability to inspect smaller diameter pipes.

“At just 13mm the Bracelet is an extremely low profile scanner for phased array or ToFD weld inspections of small bore pipes,” says NDT Market Manager Steve Drake. “Quick and easy to set up and run with one of our Olympus OmniScans or other PAUT units, the Bracelet can be used manually on pipes ranging from 0.5” upwards by simply adding extra links.”

The scanner comprises a series of links to make a flexible chain which wraps around the pipe, and a strap secures the Bracelet to the pipe once the axial position is established. The Bracelet can hold either one probe for single-sided inspections or linked with a second probe for dual-sided inspections. The ultrasonic probe and profiled wedge are fixed to one end of the Bracelet in an adjustable clasp.

To scan, the Bracelet is rotated around the pipe with rubber tyres providing axial grip to prevent slippage. A miniature encoder (42 steps/mm) is attached to the opposing end of the Bracelet with the encoder wheel running around the pipe surface collecting data from the circumferential axis.

Steve says: “The addition of the Bracelet to our rental fleet is yet another example of our determination to provide Ashtead Technology customers with access to a comprehensive range of the latest market-leading NDT technologies.”

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