Thursday 23 February 2017

The biggest network cyber threat!

Protect against the biggest threat in network security – your employees

A new course on Computer Network Security has been launched by Alison. Coming off the back of an IDC forecast at the end of 2016 that claimed spending on cybersecurity will grow to €96 billion ($101 US billion) by 2020, the course offers employers who are concerned about online attacks the opportunity to educate their employees at no charge.

Mike Feerick, Founder and CEO of Alison, said: “Given the grave risk hackers and other cybersecurity threats can hold for businesses worldwide, it’s logical that businesses would mitigate against that risk by educating their employees. Lloyd’s have reported that organisations lose more than $400 billion (€380b) per year to cyber-attacks, and one of the biggest threats organisations face is carelessness by their own employees resulting in critical information falling into the wrong hands.”

The course is a timely solution for companies looking to avoid becoming victims of preventable cyber-attacks. The content covered includes the core principles of network security, elements of risk management, physical security, methods of authentication and password security.

Mike added: “Since our course is available online for free, it’s a no-brainer that employers should ensure all of their employees achieve a pass mark in it before they are given access to sensitive information.”

The course is designed to give employees at all levels or anyone who wishes to learn more about network and computer security a comprehensive introduction to network security, and in particular for junior level IT specialists, computing students, and computer network engineers. Alison caters for a wide variety of vital workplace skills including business communication, public relations, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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