Tuesday 14 February 2017

Automation to be examined in major summit.

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For more details on the event or to register, visit the conference website. Registration forms are also available at the ISA Italy site. Please send completed and scanned forms by e-mail to event@aisisa.it. Registration badges will be available at the conference site.
For immediate assistance, call Beatrice Montresor (02 5412 3816) at ISA’s Italy Section.

The Automation Instrumentation Summit® will take place in Castello Belgioioso near Milan (I), on July 5-6, 2017. "The worldwide recession can become an opportunity for us to look at what we have done so far, and identify the best strategies for future improvements." said Ugo Baggi of BAGGI Srl, and current president of ISA Italy.

Manufacturing companies will have the opportunity to showcase their products and solutions at the stands of the exhibition area whereas the speakers will present their papers based on case histories and share common experience with all the other expertise during the AIS- ISA Italy conference.

"The market has to better understand the needs of end users and customers in order to recover from the recession. Conference attendees will gain knowledge of technological advances in automation and applied process improvements through the presentation of case histories. Key to the success of the conference is not just to inform conference attendees about current technology but to bring awareness on how this technology has been applied in order to improve productivity, quality and sustainability within industry."

There are several themes for the conference - notably:
• Advances in Control Systems
• Control and Plant Communication
• Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 and Cybersecurity
• Instrumentation & Analysers Technology Evolution
• Business and Managemnet.

Abstract submissions should consider: What was the technology need? What was the productivity loss or improvement? How the customer solved the problem? What was the final outcome? Abstracts from end users, consultants, engineering companies and manufacturing companies are welcome in order to share automation knowledge for the mutual benefit of all! Our Advisory Board members of AIS will select authors and presenters that can meet this challenge.

The deadline for abstracts is 31st March 2017

To facilitate the review of abstracts and selection of potential speakers, please do not delay submission of your abstract, the sooner the better! Advisory Board, composed of experts from industres in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Water, and others, will meet in order to evaluate the papers. Papers will be selected based on technical content and innovation, as well as relevance and quality. Papers presenting case studies of customers or clients success are highly encouraged.

The venue is the historic Castello di Belgioioso. It is believed to have been constructed for Galeazzo II (1320 – 4 August 1378), who had it built on the extensive landholdings of his family (Visconti - sometime rulers of Milan) in the second half of the 14th century. This historic monument now offers a stunning setting for public and private events, including weddings and company parties.

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