Monday 27 February 2017

Gas app on your phone!

In 2016 Gasmet launched a free App on both iOS and Android, providing anyone with an interest in gas monitoring with quick and easy access to an enormous volume of highly useful information. The App has now been downloaded hundreds of times by people from every continent, but to help users make the most of the App’s capabilities Gasmet has now published an explanatory video, which is available on the Gasmet YouTube channel.
The App is designed for anyone involved with emissions monitoring and contains a link to a library of information on 500+ compounds; providing IR spectra in addition to chemical formula, molecular weight, boiling point etc. for each gas. A dew point calculator predicts water and sulphuric acid dew points from H2O, O2, and SO2 concentrations provided by the user, helping stack testers and process engineers prevent problems relating to sample condensation. In addition, a Combustion Calculator provides estimates of oxygen levels for a variety of user-selectable fuels from variable inputs for moisture and CO2. A Unit Conversion tool is also available for almost any compound, providing mg/m3 to ppm and vice versa, at zero or 20 Deg C.

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