Tuesday 21 February 2017

Acquisition gives access to previously underexploited markets.

The Kistler Group has acquired Schatz AG in Remscheid (D). This acquisition gives the Kistler Group new potential applications in quality assurance in industrial manufacturing. The Schatz Group can now market its systems through Kistler's global sales network, giving it access to previously underexploited markets.
RtoL: Rolf Sonderegger, Kistler CEO, Dr Volker Schatz, MD Schatz AG & Martin Schatz, MD Schatz USA

Screw driving is still one of the most elementary basic processes in manufacturing making monitoring and inspection of screw connections extremely important in quality assurance, especially in the automotive industry. By acquiring the market and technology leader, the Kistler Group is strengthening its own position in quality assurance in industrial production. “The takeover is a logical step for Kistler in the implementation of its overall growth strategy," says CEO Rolf Sonderegger. "We want to use our measuring technology in even more applications and increase the number of complete systems and targeted services that we offer."

The Schatz Group develops, manufactures, and distributes laboratory systems for the analysis of screw connections, calibration equipment and test systems for torque tools, and portable measurement systems for random sample testing. The company also sup-plies the necessary network software and provides a calibration and repair service.

In 2015 the group generated sales of close to €16 million. It employs 75 people at its site in Remscheid (D). Following the takeover, Schatz Group products and services will be marketed through the global sales network of the Kistler Group. "This gives us better access to international markets and entirely new growth opportunities, not least due to an expanded product range," says Volker Schatz, CEO of Schatz AG. Customers of both companies will now be able to pull significant benefits from the advantages of the expanded portfolio, the global accessibility and the growth in know-how.

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