Wednesday 15 February 2017

AI integration added to suite.

"We welcome the industry old guards that validate our approach..." has announced the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its applications suite. Having worked closely with the mining industry for two years as the sector’s innovation partner of choice, understands and appreciates the challenges and benefits of delivering OaaS to an asset and process-intensive industry.

“I welcome Honeywell’s recent entry to provide optimisation as a service,” said Sam G. Bose, Founder and CEO. “This is the vision we pioneered from the start of our company. We have rapidly established a market leadership position, with our customers experiencing success and now demanding this approach.”

During the past 24 months’s Industrial Internet of Things platform,™, has delivered economic value with a rapid ROI to several mining majors. The mining industry has faced increasing pressure to reduce operating costs and improve yield. This is made significantly more difficult to achieve as a consequence of the continuous variation of incoming material composition.

“We welcome the industry old guards that validate our approach,” said Bose. “Whenever there is a technology revolution, new leaders emerge as the old guard fail to change sufficiently.”

The advantage of continuous optimisation, enabled by OaaS, ensures the software and data models incorporate the continually changing operating conditions to deliver the optimum process control variables in real time.’s OaaS applications are delivered on an annual subscription basis with no upfront capital equipment expense.

“Honeywell UOP’s recent announcement launching their ‘optimisation as a service’ for the energy industry is a rapidly growing trend toward the future of process automation,” said Bose. “Cloud computing, the evolution of Internet of Things technologies and the more recent emergence of artificial intelligence are all combining to propel process automation to deliver continuous optimisation through OaaS applications.”

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