Tuesday 28 February 2017

3-Phase Electrical Energy Loggers.

Fluke has introduced the Fluke 1732 and 1734 Three-Phase Energy Loggers, intuitive, easy-to-use tools with professional-level energy data gathering capabilities.

They enable a broad category of maintenance professionals to confidently gather energy data, while the accompanying new Fluke Energy Analyze software enables users to compare multiple data points over time to build a complete picture of energy usage, which is the first step to reducing the cost of energy bills. The Fluke 1734 is a member of the Fluke Connect family, enabling the user to access and share data remotely with a team via the Fluke Connect® app.

Even well-run facilities can experience energy waste, most commonly through equipment and system inefficiencies or by operating at expensive times of the day. The Fluke 1732 and 1734 negate the need for expensive power quality analysers operated by engineers with advanced training, whose cost and skill barriers have made energy audits impractical for many facilities. The 1732 and 1734 are streamlined energy logging tools with a straightforward, intuitive design, allowing technicians to carry out load studies and energy logging right out of the box. The results provide facility managers with the information necessary to identify and prioritise energy saving projects.

The compact Fluke 1732 and 1734 energy loggers conduct key measurements of voltage, current, power, and power factor to identify areas of energy waste. All measured values are logged automatically and can be reviewed during logging. Common setup errors are rectified, through re-engineered cables, digital check and auto-correct of all connections, and an on-screen wizard for interval setup. They have the highest safety rating in the industry (600V CAT IV / 1000V CAT III) and can be powered directly from the measured circuit eliminating the need to find a power outlet. While both models feature two USB ports for fast data downloads to PCs or standard memory sticks, the 1734 includes the capability to capture data from Fluke Connect modules and use the Fluke Connect App to create reports and share important data while in the field.

Data logged by the 1732 and 1734 can be imported into the new Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software for further processing and archiving. The software allows users to analyse energy or load profiles, including zoom-in and zoom-out on details; add comments, pictures, and other information to data; overlay different logging sessions; create reports; and export measurement results.
The higher-end Fluke 1736 and 1738 models extend the capabilities for professionals requiring more in-depth details about power quality.

The Fluke 1734 is part of Fluke Connect - a system of more than 40 wireless test tools that communicate via the Fluke Connect app, or Fluke Connect Assets software, a cloud-based solution that gathers measurements to provide a comprehensive view of critical equipment status - allowing technicians to view, record, and share measurements from the clamp in real time via their smartphones or tablets and automatically upload them to Fluke Cloud storage along with tags and the GPS location of assets.

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