Thursday 23 February 2017

Network functions virtualization success.

Anritsu has successfully completed the 1st NFV Plugtests™ at the first of its kind event organized by the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute (ETSI) with the scope of validating and testing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) interoperability.

The event was organized by the ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability and took place between January 23rd and February 3rd 2017 at the 5TONIC Laboratory in Leganes (ES).

Anritsu participated with their MasterClaw™ vProbe VNF solution with the aim to validate interoperability with commercial and open-source MANO and VIM implementations.

Participants to the multi-vendor interoperability event included 13 VNF vendors, 9 MANO suppliers and 11 NFVI/VIM solutions. The Anritsu vProbe VNF registered a 100% success rate on the executed test cases, proving multi-vendor compatibility and market readiness.

“Anritsu understands how crucial these interoperability events are to help progress the industry towards Telco Cloud and we are pleased to have taken part in it. For Anritsu, the event has shown the advances on our journey towards cloud native Service Assurance and what our focus should be on next” stated Neil McKinlay, CTO Anritsu Service Assurance.

Part of Anritsu’s MasterClaw multi-dimensional Service Assurance solution, the MasterClaw vProbe is capable of passively monitoring NFV and SDN networks and services (vEPC, vIMS, vPCEF/PCRF, etc.) enabling use-cases such as network service troubleshooting, real-time service specific KPI monitoring, real-time streaming analytics, market leading CX and multi-dimensional network analytics solutions that are key to improving Customer Experience.


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