Friday 3 February 2017

Safe Frequency-to-DC Transmitter.

The SIL 3 capable SFY Functional Safety Frequency-to-DC Transmitter with display has been released by Moore Industries. Part of the FS Functional Safety Series, this instrument provides reliable and accurate monitoring of frequency or pulse signals in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) that often helps provide over speed protection by sending signals that warn the logic solver to alarm or shut down the monitored device for plant, process and personnel safety. The SFY has been certified by exida after rigorous evaluation to ensure conformance with strict IEC 61508:2010 standards for safety-related applications.
It is designed and approved for use in a wide variety of processes and factory automation SIS including turbine flow meters, magnetic pickups, dry contact closures, variable frequency drives, turbine tachometer generators, rotating equipment, motor and conveyor speed as well as pulse and frequency output transducers. Moore Industries’ SFY technology allows the user to monitor frequency, period, high or low pulse width, and contact closure signals. The SFY converts the input signal to a proportional input-to-output isolated 4-20mA output ready for direct interface with a Safety System, readout instrument, recorder, PLC, DCS, or SCADA system.

The SFY sets up in minutes with a free Windows® compatible Intelligent PC Configuration Software that lets users choose, and then view to confirm, all application specific operating parameters. The SFY also allows users to program a moving average filter which minimizes measurement instability caused by the effects of bent turbine blades or other frequency variations.

The unit is exida certified to IEC 61508:2010 for systematic integrity up to SIL 3 and for random integrity up to SIL 2. This means the SFY can be used for many safety applications because it is approved for single use in SIS up to SIL 2 and in a redundant architecture (1oo2, 2oo3, etc.) up to SIL 3. Comprehensive FMEDA certified safety data is available upon request allowing a functional safety practitioner to access the FMEDA data on the SFY to determine the SFY’s applicability in specific safety-related applications.

The SFY has an exceptional accuracy and long-term stability with a typical accuracy of ±0.025% of span and up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations. The SFY also has a user-configurable 5–digit LCD display that shows the process variable in selectable frequency units. The exida certified SFY is input-to-output isolated and RFI/EMI protected, making it resistant to unpredictable ground loops and the harmful effects of plant and equipment noise. It is also available in explosion-proof/flameproof housings for use in hazardous environments.

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