Thursday 2 February 2017

Load Cell Amplifier.

The LCD20 DIN rail strain gauge amplifier microprocessor from Applied Measurements, delivers smarter automation and control for process applications. Along with its small and stackable design, the amplifier also comes with 2 part screw connectors enabling easy and tidy mounting where space is limited.

The microprocessor based amplifier is compatible with a wide range of load cells, pressure or strain gauges and other ratiometric sensors with a wide range of sensitivities. The unit is powered from a wide 9-32V DC supply and provides 4-20mA and 0-10 V standard analogue outputs. In addition, it features 2 digital inputs and supports a 6-wire input which compensates for any barrier and/or cable losses.

The LCD20 has 2 relays that can be set to trigger based on gross/net or peak and valley values.

The LCD20 DIN rail strain gauge amplifier comes factory calibrated in mV/V allowing configuration by entering data from the sensors calibration certificate. Linearised calibration at up to 10 points is available in all calibration modes to give the highest possible accuracy across the whole measuring range.

The unit can be easily configured by a handheld programmer or by a USB connector to PC using the free intuitive PC Toolkit software allowing you to configure, save and store settings to a file.

The LCD20 DIN rail signal amplifier’s ability to easily communicate with exisiting acquisition and control systems using its analogue outputs and 2 single pole relays makes it the perfect addition to your integrated instrumentation system.

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