Monday 8 August 2016

Chemical metrology packages.

Fluke is customising a package of instruments and HowTo guides for the chemical industry. There are individual packages for maintenance personnel, reliability engineers, instrument technicians, and electrical and mechanical engineers. The guides cover areas like preventive maintenance, safety and power quality.

Accurate metrology is central to improving chemical processes. Just inspecting the process outputs is too late – things will already have gone wrong. Manufacturers need to continually inspect their processes to know that they are running smoothly. Every stage needs attention: from pre-treating raw materials, converting them with a reactor, cracker or kiln, to mixing and purification. For effective inspections reliable test tools are needed, for calibration, installation, testing, reliability analysis and preventive maintenance.

Huge chemical throughputs make errors expensive
With huge throughputs at chemicals facilities, inaccurate measurements can cost millions – and downtime is most costly of all. Manufacturers need stable, continuous operations at highest efficiency and safety levels. For this, a good understanding of the potential issues and the most suitable metrology methods is required, and the instruments used must also be rugged enough for demanding chemical processing environments.

These HowTo Guides are downloadable from the website.

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