Friday 12 August 2016

Irish engineering & projects management group expands US operations.

DPS Group* has trebled its turnover and employment in the past five years. It has expanded its US operations with a major investment in TRIA, a Boston-based architectural firm with a focus on the science and technology sectors.

Frank Keogh DPS CEO.
Commenting on this latest investment in the US, DPS Chief Executive Frank Keogh said: “This is an exciting development for DPS and our investment in TRIA, and its partners Sherwood Butler and Jeannie Pierce Thacker complements perfectly our existing engineering and project management business in New England and North Carolina. Sherwood and Jeannie have extensive experience working with the type of life science clients that have been the backbone of our expansion in the US over the past five years.”

Keogh said that TRIA operates in the life science sub-section of the R&D sector and that this specialization complements DPS, whose primary business is in the process manufacturing sector. “I have no doubt that the combination of DPS and TRIA will be of great benefit to both new and future clients.” 

Keogh added that there has been huge investment in life science facilities in the New England area, partly through investment in facilities educational institutions such as MIT, Harvard and Boston College but also through major investment in facilities by major global pharmaceutical groups such as Novartis, Pfizer, Genzyme, Sanofi and Shire. “Our aim is to significantly increase the biotech and science-related business we are doing in New England, both through our existing operations and our investment in TRIA.”

He also revealed that DPS has increased its turnover globally to over €100 million and employment to 1,100. “Five years ago when we made our first acquisition in the US, our turnover was €35 million and we had about 400 people. The target we set ourselves back then was to increase turnover to €50 million within five years. Instead we have more than trebled our turnover and employment.”

* The DPS Group is an Irish Project Management and Engineering company serving industry around the world for over 40 years.

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