Wednesday 10 August 2016

Micro-displacement sensor.

A new optical micro-displacement sensor from Omron Electronic Components Europe is capable of resolving just 10 microns – one tenth the diameter of a human hair or the thickness of a coat of paint.

The high resolution of the Z4D sensor makes it ideal for paper thickness and multi-feed detection office equipment and ATMs, as well as travel detection in industrial automation systems, consumer electronics and other applications.

The new Omron Z4D-C01 locates target objects optically without the need for contact. Location is determined and movement detected by changes in the location of light reflected from the object. The exceptional resolution is based on an Omron proprietary optical design using the triangulation. This structure achieves very good and stable linearity between the output voltage and distance, simplifying the design of the host circuit. Output is stabilised using a signal divider.

The Z4D-C01 can detect objects located up to 6.5mm away from the sensor.

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