Thursday 18 August 2016

Analytical services for Californian water!

Adding to its fast growing list of customers in the water industry Autoscribe Informatics has won another major order in the USA to supply the Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information System (LIMS) to a large Water District that supplies 2.4 million people with water.

Matrix Gemini has been chosen as a LIMS that will contribute to the District laboratory’s goal of providing analytical services that enables the Californian District to meet the growing demand for reliable, low cost, and high quality water. It replaces an obsolete LIMS to provide a system that has an upgrade path for future developments.

The final selection process involved the submission of a technical proposal by four vendors which included a 2-hour configured demonstration. Each vendor received an individual score in 6 different categories, which ranged from project approach & schedule to record of success on similar projects. Autoscribe Informatics was rated top in 5 out of 6 of the categories, with a total winning score of 88.8%.

Autoscribe Informatics President, John Boother, said: “Obviously we are delighted to win the bid. We especially like that we scored 9 percentage points more than our nearest competitor on the overall technical score and 16% more than the next highest vendor for the 2 hour configured demonstration. This scoring reflects the ability of Matrix Gemini to be easily configured to implement the customer’s unique workflows as described in the Configured Demonstration Specifications document.”

On awarding the contract, the District cited the following reasons for choosing Matrix Gemini from Autoscribe Informatics:
    the software was most intuitive to Lab staff; Matrix ranked highest in the configured demonstration; Matrix offers District-standard systems technology; Autoscribe has experience in converting from the current LIMS; Autoscribe was responsive in presenting the proposal, and the company was specific in addressing key items in Request For Proposal.
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