Friday 26 August 2016

Oxygen measurements in natural gas.

A new application note is available to download from Michell Instruments’ website: Oxygen Measurement in Natural Gas.

There are many reasons why oxygen is undesirable in natural gas, on top of meeting the regulatory requirements for purity:

·       Oxygen combines with other chemical gases, especially H2S, to form acids.
·       Oxygen does not add to the heating value of the gas and is not of benefit.
·       Oxygen degrades amine, which inhibits the process of removing carbon dioxide and H2S from the gas chemically.
·       Oxygen can degrade some mercaptans reducing the effectiveness of these odorants in the gas.
·       Oxygen accelerates corrosion in the mechanical components that come in contact with the gas.
·       Oxygen in sufficient quantities and with a heat source can cause explosions.

The application note discusses the various oxygen measurement methods available, along with their benefits and disadvantages.

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