Tuesday 2 August 2016

Partnership for emissions monitors.

Testo has appointed Ashtead Technology as platinum distributor for its portable emissions analysers, the Testo 340 and 350. As part of the agreement, Ashtead also becomes Testo’s Preferred Rental Partner for this equipment.

“We have been renting Testo emissions analysers for over 10 years and our team have built up a wealth of application and product knowledge. They are extremely popular items in our rental fleet, providing customers with the ability to monitor and improve process efficiency or to demonstrate environmental compliance, so we are delighted to be able to also offer them for sale,” says James Carlyle, Ashtead’s General Manager.

“It is standard practice at Ashtead for staff to be trained by our manufacturer suppliers, however, the expansion of our activity with Testo will mean that we will invest further in product and application knowledge for the Testo equipment. This also means that customers will be able to rent alternative instruments whilst their own equipment is unavailable for any reason.”

The Testo 350 portable flue gas analyser is a self-contained portable emissions analyser system that can be configured with up to 6 sensors for the measurement of gases including O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S and hydrocarbons in combustion emissions from engines, turbines, boilers, burners and other combustion sources.

By demonstrating compliance with the performance requirements of the Environment Agency’s MCERTS scheme, the Testo 350 is certified for the measurement of O2, CO, NO, NO2 and SO2. The Testo 350 weighs approximately 4.8kg and has automatic sample conditioning systems to provide representative samples from a range of combustion sources. The entire system operates independently on rechargeable batteries, or it can be connected to either AC or DC power (11 to 40V). A handheld control unit can operate the analyser ‘docked’ in the analyser unit or remotely from the base unit via a data cable or wireless Bluetooth connection.

The control unit provides the user with a simple interface and communications. By selecting options from brief menus, users are able to quickly configure the system and start monitoring. For example, the user is prompted to select the application (burner, turbine, engine or user-defined), the fuel type and the measurement type. Automatic programs for unattended operation facilitate remote, event driven, and/or long-term testing. A Bluetooth printer provides documentation of test results, an internal data logger records up to 250,000 data points, and internal calculations can be performed automatically.

In addition to gas concentrations the Testo 350 provides on-screen information such as O2 reference corrections, combustion efficiency, excess air, flow, mass-emissions and flue gas loss.

Summarising James Carlyle says: “Our objective is for emissions monitoring to be as simple, fast and efficient as possible. By offering the Testo analysers for both sale and hire, customers are able to select the option that best meets their needs and budget.

“The Testo instruments are extremely robust and simple to operate and we deliver them calibrated, checked and ready for work, so customers are able to start monitoring very quickly.”

Mike Murley, Testo Business Unit Manager, is delighted with the new partnership. He says: “Ashtead Technology has an extremely good reputation for supplying the best products and excellent service, so this agreement is great news for anyone responsible for emissions monitoring.”

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