Friday 26 August 2016

High-density multi-conductor terminal blocks.

Phoenix Contact has introduced their PT 2,5/S-QUATTRO terminal blocks. These four-position terminal blocks occupy the same amount of space as the company’s two-position terminal blocks. This allows for a high wiring density without sacrificing space across the DIN rail.

Up to four 12 AWG conductors can be connected in one feed-through terminal block. The terminal
blocks feature Phoenix Contact’s push-in connection technology, for quick, tool-free wiring of the
pre-assembled conductors. Ground terminals are also available in the same shape.

These multi-conductor terminal blocks also have a double function shaft for easy potential
distribution with plug-in bridges and large-surface marking options. Each current path can be
individually tested for the terminal blocks.

As part of Phoenix Contact’s CLIPLINE complete terminal block system, the PT 2,5/S QUATTRO
accepts standard accessories and marking products, which can reduce inventory costs.

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