Tuesday 4 November 2014

Valve and flap monitoring!

Position switch with analogue output for extreme environments

Open or closed? Position switches monitor the position of flaps and valves, as well as confirming the presence of tools or work pieces. These universal switching devices can also be used in extreme environments.

steute has now developed a new position switch variant for extreme applications which does not work using the conventional “on/off” technology, but which transmits an analogue signal corresponding to the exact position of the actuator or plunger. The position is recorded by an integrated Hall sensor which, depending on the variant, creates an output signal in one of the three standards 0 … 20 mA, 4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10 V.

This new device belongs to the tried-and-tested Extreme position switch 98 series featuring, amongst other things, a robust and saltwater-proof metal housing, high protection classes and standard dimensions in accordance with DIN EN 50041. The different actuators can be offset by 4 x 90°, permitting versatile integration of the analogue position switch within the surrounding construction. It is also individually programmable in the factory, making it perfectly adaptable to the application in question.

One of the first applications for the HS 98 is position monitoring of valves and flaps in freight and cruise ships. A ship outfitter was looking for a versatile switching device which would not only monitor the open or closed position of valves and ventilation flaps in extreme environments, but which would also indicate the precise position of these valves and flaps. This challenge has now been met by our new analogue position switch, which is also suited to numerous other application fields, for example machine building. An Ex variant currently under development will open up further possibilities.

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