Thursday 27 November 2014

One box integrated control panel

As a leading specialist Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions providers, Stadium IGT know that complete control panel design and manufacture from one provider has significant advantages for integration and substantial cost benefits.

Rather than designing a number of separate control elements to accommodate disparate HMI technologies for in-house and/or specialist external manufacture, outsourcing the complete HMI requirement ensures;
  • best-practice design
  • full compatibility of all the control elements
  • simplifies final assembly and test
  • reduces the number of suppliers required for a project (to one!)
  • improves time to market for end systems

“Our customers find that a one-box, complete, integrated control panel solution has many advantages in design, manufacture, cost and supply chain” comments Terry Moss, Sales and Marketing Director of Stadium IGT. “Opting for a single completed assembly removes the need for further integration, complex testing and multi-vendor liaison in the event of any functional problems. It also allows our engineers to become part of our customer’s own design team to ensure the best possible HMI solution is specified and delivered to the customer.”

Stadium IGT use their many years of experience to benefit control system designers with multi-technology integration into a complex sub-assembly or fully assembled and tested control unit. They offer a complete design, prototype and production manufacturing service which can incorporate keyboards, joysticks, tracker-balls or other interface switching technologies, displays and illumination technology and electro-mechanical devices.

SC21 approved, Stadium IGT integrated control panel solutions serve applications in Industrial, Fire, Security, Telecom, Marine, Aviation, Railway, Medical, MIL, Building Services, Automation and Broadcast.

Stadium IGT HMI assemblies can be specified for use in environmentally hostile conditions in military and industrial control applications. Examples range from Dynamic Positioning Systems for use on ships and oil rigs where back-lit control panels are used for data positioning of vessels, waterproof to IP67 and specified to meet approvals of Lloyds Register for Equipment used in shipping and American Bureau of Shipping to a new generation of Railway Information Point which offers users live and interactive information and emergency assistance.

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