Wednesday 5 November 2014

Workstation for oil and gas applications!

Eaton has launched a next generation Azonix Barracuda 15” HMI workstation in the MTL product line for the oil and gas industry that enables users to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity and rig safety.  Designed in response to demands for increased processing power and a more rugged HMI for operation in hotter environments, the robust and reliable Azonix Barracuda 15 is expected to set a new high standard for monitoring and controlling processes in oil and gas applications worldwide.

This workstation for Zone 2 hazardous areas features an Intel i7 2.5GHz processor and up to 8GB of DRAM to deliver increased processing power compared to alternative technologies.  This increase in computing power provides the bandwidth to run the most demanding DCS or SCADA software packages, therefore avoiding configuration challenges.  The workstation is available with wireless and Bluetooth options which offer high speed communications for fast rig-up rig-down applications, therefore increasing productivity. 

The Azonix Barracuda 15 is quick and easy to install and connect. Fitted with identical mounting options and the same connector interfaces as its predecessor, the new workstation is a simple drop-in replacement, which lowers installation costs and downtime, thus increasing rig uptime and process efficiency.

The workstation is exceptionally user-friendly.  It incorporates a state-of-the-art touch panel which allows for either a resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen. These sensors support glove touch capability for use in harsh and cold environments. Thanks to the new LED backlit 1024 by 768 display screen, the workstation is visible in virtually all working conditions.

Azonix Barracuda 15 workstation has a wider operating temperature range than alternative systems, providing reliable operation between -40ºC and 60ºC.  It uses industrial grade parts and a cast aluminium housing for extreme environmental conditions, which makes it robust, therefore increasing reliability and improved asset uptime.    

The workstation is lightweight and has a small footprint enabling the user the flexibility to install it conveniently in challenging rig environments.  In addition, the systems do not require external panel housing, saving users approximately $1000-$3000 per installation, and multiple mounting options accommodate installation across various rig configurations. 

Designed for use in tough and hazardous environments worldwide, the Azonix Barracuda 15 workstation is fully certified for the most demanding conditions found in up- and downstream oil and gas applications.  It has hazardous area approvals, including AEx, ATEX Zone 2, and is IECEx class 1 Zone 2 rated, providing increased rig safety.  In addition, customers can use one configuration globally which reduces their cost of sustaining multiple hardware and software assets.

“Cost of rig downtime is exceptionally high and is estimated at up to $500,000 per day, so it is clear to see that increasing reliability and uptime goes a long way towards increasing productivity and profitability,” says Kevin Gillespie, MTL marketing communications manager, Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds division. “With over 25 years of experience in developing HMIs for the oil and gas industry, we have extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by our customers, and Azonix Barracuda 15 has been designed to fulfil all their requirements, enabling users to reduce operational costs while increasing rig safety.”

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