Thursday 20 November 2014

New member for British Manufacturing Technology Centre!

Stemmer has become a member of MTC, the British-government funded Manufacturing Technology Centre. The MTC was established in 2010 with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry and has more than 60 members, including many leading engineering companies. This membership will include the supply of equipment and professional services for MTC’s Vision Laboratory.

(LtoR) Mark Williamson, Director, 
Stemmer Imaging & Clive Hickman, 
Chief Executive MTC
The MTC provides a unique environment to bring the country's leading academics, engineers and industry professionals together to develop and demonstrate new technologies on an industrial scale. This allows its clients to develop new manufacturing processes in a neutral industrial setting without the constraints of a commercial production environment. MTC delivers solutions across Britain manufacturing, with clients representing a diverse range of companies across a number of sectors. These include aerospace automotive, transport, healthcare, ICT, robotics, food production, defence and marine.

Mark Williamson
, Director – Corporate Market Development at Stemmer, said: “MTC specialises in a range of manufacturing processes that are particularly valuable to the high value manufacturing sector. With ‘automated Inspection and artificial intelligence’ forming part of the ‘Intelligent Automation’ research theme and ‘automated in-process and digital inspection’ featuring strongly in the ‘Metrology and NDT ‘research theme, MTC had already established a Vision Laboratory as part of its world class facilities.”

“We had already supplied equipment to MTC”, he continued. “However, by becoming a member we are now in a position to not only supply even more vision-related hardware and software, but also to contribute our specialist vision expertise to any project that requires it. We are currently the only member who specialises in vision technology.”

High profile MTC members include Rolls Royce, Airbus, HP, Renishaw and London Underground, while Sainsbury’s plc joined on the same day as Stemmer Imaging.  However, The MTC is an open access centre that provides a flexible approach to working with companies of all sizes from SMEs to large OEMs. The MTC offers a tailored service designed to meet the needs of individual companies and is not limited to MTC members.

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