Wednesday 12 November 2014

Another communications war in the offing?

GreenPeak Technologies, the Smart Home semi-conductor/systems company, has posted a new white paper regarding the oncoming war between ZigBee and the new version of Bluetooth – Bluetooth Mesh.

“Bluetooth & ZigBee: a new standards war?”
Available for download from GreenPeak's White Paper Page.
The white paper explores the confusion and damage created by previous battles between home networking standards and how this damage can and should be avoided in the near future.

“A decade ago, WiFi and Bluetooth battled but ended up sharing the home networking space and successfully growing the market to where both technologies are now found everywhere,” explains Cees Links, CEO of GreenPeak Technologies. “The battle is brewing again as Bluetooth Mesh is now attempting to move from the sensor wearable space into the ultra-low power sensor networking space, today successfully served by ZigBee. However, it will take a lot of work to evolve Bluetooth Mesh to the position where it can provide the functions and capabilities that ZigBee already provides today. So why confuse and divide the market?”

We expect the industry to respond the same way as it did in the previous decade – realizing that Bluetooth is the perfect solution for peripheral devices and wearables, whereas ZigBee is the optimal networking solution for connecting the hundreds of sentrollers (sensors, controllers and actuators) that will be functioning in our homes within the next few years.

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