Sunday 9 November 2014

Short-wavelength pyrometer with touch screen and data logging!

The new PyroMini 2.2 series of infrared temperature sensors from Calex Electronics combines the ability to accurately measure reflective surfaces and high-temperature objects with the modern and innovative touch-screen interface of the hugely successful PyroMini. A choice of temperature ranges from 100°C to 2000°C is available.

These compact industrial pyrometers use a short measurement wavelength for much greater accuracy, and improved tolerance of obstructions in the field of view, or errors in emissivity setting, than general-purpose, longer-wavelength sensors.

Miniature sensing head:
Dimensions 18 x 45 mm - ideal for mounting in tight spaces
Choice of optics for small or large targets at short or long distances
Stainless steel 316, IP65 sealed
Cable lengths of 1 m to 30 m available

Electronics module with optional touch screen:
Bright, backlit display shows the measured temperature and turns bright red in an alarm condition
Graph shows recent temperature history
Sensor is fully configurable via the intuitive interface
Built-in data logging to MicroSD Card provides up to a year of data storage at 1 sample per second
Basic version available without screen (adjustable emissivity setting via two rotary switches)

Choice of 4-20 mA or RS485 Modbus output
Touch screen models have 2 x alarm relays, rated 24 V DC, 1 A (may be connected directly to alarm equipment without the need for a separate trip amplifier)
Options include mounting brackets, an air purge collar, protective lens cover and laser-sighting tools.

The PyroMini 2.2 is especially well-suited to applications in the steel industry, and measuring hot steel rollers in the food, paper and print industries, among many others.

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