Wednesday 19 November 2014

On-cell touch enhances image readability while reducing display weight and thickness.

Ginsbury has announced the availability of a new Kyocera 7.0-inch TFT display featuring a fully integrated On-cell touch panel. The TCG070WVLR*PC*-GD*118 is the first Kyocera TFT display to be offered with an On-cell projected capacitive touch panel. The touch panel cover glass, touch sensor and controller are fully integrated into the display module to yield a thin, lightweight LCD panel which provides superior light transmission and improved optical performance.

An On-cell touch panel differs from a bonded projective capacitive touch panel in its mechanical construction, in that the cover glass and touch sensor are fully integrated into the LCD cell, thus enabling a reduction in overall module thickness and weight. Production process costs are also reduced as there is no additional optical bonding required following the final assembly of the display module. Improved light transmission enhances outdoor readability due to a reduction of air gaps in the panel.

The On-cell touch panel provides the same electrical and touch characteristics as a bonded projected capacitive touch panel. An additional benefit, is the guaranteed operation of the touch panel, due to the improved immunity to electrical noise from the LCD and the internally mounted touch panel controller IC.

The touch panel features 12-bit (4096 x 4096) resolution and 2 discrete touch points. The 5-pin touch panel interface supports a USB interface and can be used with a Windows or Linux based OS. The active area of the On-cell touch panel mirrors that of the active area of the display at 152.4mm (w) x 91.44mm (h). The surface film of the display is anti-glare and has an anti-fingerprint treatment.

The 7.0-inch wide VGA (WVGA) display features a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and a 15:9 aspect ratio. Optical characteristics include a contrast ratio of 650:1, while the LED backlight has a brightness of 350cd/m² and an estimated 70,000 hour lifetime to 50% minimum brightness. A 30-pin single channel LVDS data interface featuring 6-bit RGB enables a colour palette of up to 262K colours. The display module has outline dimensions of 169.8mm (w) x 109.7mm (h) x 9.2mm (d) and an active display area of 152.4mm (w) x 91.44mm (h). The display has an operating temperature range of -20° to +70°C and supports storage from -30° to +80°C.

Kyocera TFT modules have high contrast and brightness up to 1500 cd/m² which make them suitable for outdoor and rugged environments. New product enhancements such as on-cell touch displays and haptic feedback are becoming increasingly important in Kyocera's forward thinking HMI strategy.

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