Tuesday 18 November 2014

A cool way to keep your hands warm while touching your screen!

This is not strictly an automation product but there could be some applications for it in the industrial arena. Anyway we liked it!

An innovative company specialising in touch-screen gloves has launched an extensive product range in time for the Christmas rush, with its newest being the superior ‘full touch glove.’

TouchAbility are a company who specialise in the design and selling of products which are compatible with touchscreen devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Their website ‘TouchscreenGloves’ offers a range of gloves which enable anyone who wears them to use touchscreen devices without having to remove them. Each glove type has electro conductive fibres integrated into the finger tips, making it possible to use a smart device in a range of situations where otherwise it would have been impossible or uncomfortable, particularly during spells of cold weather.

The latest in TouchAbility’s range is the ‘full touch glove’ which has silver connective threads woven through the entire glove, for ultimate performance and reliability. The company market this product as ‘combining a superior level of functionality with a high tech futuristic look.’ This glove type, like all others on their website, does not compromise on warmth, providing the same amount of insulation as you’d expect from a generic winter glove. 

Like all other retail companies they are looking forward to the Christmas rush. They advertise a huge range of touchscreen gloves for different purposes and to suit different styles. Products include leather gloves, gloves with extra grip and mitten styles, as well as gloves made by acclaimed brands such as Karrimor. 

One of the company’s popular products is their iPrints pack which have pads to stick on to any pair of standard gloves to make them touchscreen compatible. Customers can also purchase gift certificates as Christmas presents if they aren’t sure of what style or colour to choose.

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