Thursday 3 April 2014

I/P transmitter!

Moore Industries has released a new version of its IPH²/IPX² Current-to-Pressure (I/P) Transmitter. Along with updated certifications, the IPH²/IPX² features 22 direct and reverse output ranges, with switch-selectable reverse output standard on the IPX².

Another new feature on the IPX² is a removable electronics module. In certain abnormal conditions, a liquid “slug” can enter the air or gas supply of the IPX². The removable electronics module speeds the recovery process by allowing the liquid to drain more efficiently. When the removable electronics module is combined with the clog-resistant filtered nozzle and orifice that protects against clogging caused by internal debris, the result is a product that is easier to maintain and less prone to malfunctions caused by unwanted material entering into the system.

The two-wire (loop-powered) IPH² and IPX² accept a current signal from a DCS, PLC or other control system and converts it into a pneumatic signal to provide precise, proportional control of valves, actuators and other pneumatically-controlled devices. Both products meet NEMA Type 4X requirements, and the IPX2 can be installed in explosion-proof environments, making it a popular choice for oil and gas applications in hazardous settings.

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