Friday 25 April 2014

Design toolbox expands control design capabilities!

Maplesoft™ has announced an important update to the MapleSim Control Design Toolbox, an add-on to MapleSim, the advanced system-level modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft. The MapleSim Control Design Toolbox allows engineers to take advantage of the greater flexibility and analysis options available through the use of symbolic parameters. This new release extends the functionality of this toolbox with more control algorithms, options for automatically selecting the most suitable algorithm and parameter values, and extensive improvements to existing features.

The updated MapleSim Control Design Toolbox
allows engineers to design a greater variety
of controllers and controller-observer systems
while leveraging powerful analysis options
 using symbolic parameters.
The Design Toolbox now includes additional control algorithms that operate on a wider range of systems and the ability to construct closed-loop systems so that users can create controllers with feedback. It offers a more complete set of algorithms for PID control, including automatic tuning of the controller. It also provides automatic computation of design parameters, such as poles and weighted matrices, for state control feedback design. These enhancements allow engineers to design a greater variety of controllers and controller-observer systems such as linear-quadratic-Gaussian control (LQG).

“With the MapleSim Control Design Toolbox, customers can easily perform traditional control tasks, but they also have the added flexibility that comes from having access to the symbolic power of MapleSim,” says Dr. Chad Schmitke, Director of MapleSim Development at Maplesoft. “By including symbolic parameters, researchers can gain insights into control problems in ways that are simply not possible with other tools. In addition, educators can use this approach to give their students valuable insight into the theory behind control design, giving them the understanding they need to tackle challenging problems, in school and out in the field. This new release increases those abilities by significantly expanding the scope of problems this toolbox can solve.”

The new MapleSim Control Design Toolbox is an add-on to the recent release of MapleSim, MapleSim 6.4.

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