Monday 14 April 2014

Mobile radio modem for small control systems!

The new MD720 mobile radio modem with GSM/GPRS capability from the Siemens Industry Sector integrates Simatic S7-200 controllers into telecontrol solutions for industrial plants. This allows Simatic S7 stations to be linked by radio using a remote service or remote control system to other stations in a network or to a central control room.

The MD720 is a

GSM/GPRS mobile radio
 modem with RS232 interface, 
supporting data rates of up to
54 kbit/s (downlink) &
 up to 42 kbit/s (uplink)
Its quad-band technology makes the new MD720 modem suitable for international IP-based communication using GPRS. Encrypted data transmission takes place together with additional measures by the provider to provide a secure connection across public networks. Optimized communication using an efficient telegram structure keeps the operating costs of even permanent wireless online connections at a minimum.

Parameterisation takes place using PLC software blocks (Library as Part of Telecontrol Server Basic) of the Micro/ Win programming tool for Simatic S7-200 or via the AT standard command interface for modems.

Typical fields of application for the MD720 model, which is compatible with the predecessor product Sinaut MD720-3, include simple remote control tasks such as monitoring of pump stations, automatic machines or billboards, as well as link-up to automated mobile users such as rail or specialpurpose vehicles or complex construction machinery.

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