Friday 25 April 2014

Speeding cable-to-cable connection!

Harting has expanded its Han® B industrial connector product portfolio with the addition of Han® Hood Link: a new locking system that speeds cable-to-cable connection by allowing the connection of two standard Harting 16B hoods while simultaneously achieving an IP 65 degree of protection.

A key feature of the new connection is that it is made from a resistant elastomer which provides optimum protection against external mechanical forces, as well as good resistance to oils and gases. When used in conjunction with a specially contoured design, it achieves locking and sealing in a single action. As a result, housings can be quickly assembled and disassembled with minimal effort - all without tools.

A further product variant also permits housings to be locked together with both bulkhead and surface mounted housings.

This type of simple and robust locking element is particularly useful in concert and stage installations, since it minimises the risk of connectors falling from heights and the associated damage to the locking device on impact. This impact can be prevented by the elasticity of the new Han® Hood Link, which enables external mechanical forces to be absorbed. It also allows cables in machinery to be pre-assembled quickly and conveniently.

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