Wednesday 23 April 2014

Combat cyber-threats with specialist training!

SolutionsPT is continuing its proactive response to the growing threat to cyber security in British manufacturing by becoming an authorised training provider for Tofino® Security Products, (now part of Belden.)

Earlier this year SolutionsPT became a Certified VAR Gold Partner for Tofino’s Industrial Security Solution. Tofino, as our readers will know, is renowned in the industry for cyber security protection within control networks. Tofino’s flexible architecture enables users to create security zones – Zone Level Security – throughout their control network to protect critical system components. (See more on our ICS & SCADA Page on Tofino's part in the battles against Stuxnet and its siblings!)

SolutionsPT is now helping fight the battle against cyber-threats by providing training aimed at maximising the potential of Tofino’s Industrial Security Solution, which includes the EAGLE20TM Tofino Hardware.

The one day course is designed to deliver a fundamental and in-depth understanding of the Tofino Industrial Security Solution by equipping users with the knowledge to install and configure Tofino within a manufacturing network to enable users to extend Cyber Security down to the control network and securely track network devices and easily create firewall rules.

Mike Lees, Hardware Manager at SolutionsPT said: “We are dealing with specialist security solutions designed specifically for the industrial IT market. It is therefore important that we educate our customers to use them effectively and ensure best practice is met, to make certain they are getting the best return on their investment, especially as security is such an ever-increasing issue in our industry”.

Courses will deliver a fundamental and in-depth understanding of the Tofino solution to users in IT, system administration, operations and engineering departments.

Delegate numbers are kept purposefully low so that individual needs and specific industry and company issues can be addressed fully.

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