Tuesday 8 April 2014

PCI and PXI programmable resistors

Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PCI and PXI Programmable Resistors.

Expansion of existing range
The existing PCI High-Density Precision Resistor Card (model 50-297) and PXI High-Density Precision Resistor Module (model 40-297) have been expanded to increase the versions offered from 6 to 42; each version offers users the choice of the number of resistor channels, resistance range and the resistance setting resolution. Depending on the version the resolution is from 0.125Ω to 2Ω and resistor channel counts from 3 to 18. Resistor values up to 1.51MΩ can be simulated.

New product introduction
Pickering is introducing the new PCI Programmable Resistor & Relay Card (model 50-293) and the new PXI Programmable Resistor & Relay Module (model 40-293) offer lower densities and cost solutions (compared to similar products) for simulating resistors with 12 versions available having resolution from 0.25Ω to 2Ω and channel resistor channel counts of either 2 or 4. In addition, each of the 12 versions has the option of adding 8 SPDT relays which can be used for other switching functions within a test systems their use potentially saves the addition of further switching products within a test system.

All of these PCI and PXI resistors are programmed by the use of resistance calls from the driver, the driver uses calibration data from the module to give the best setting available to the user and can also return to the user the theoretical value of the resistor. Basic accuracy is 0.2% ± resolution for the 40-297 and 50-297 and 1%± resolution for the 40-293 and 50-293.

By offering the programmable resistors in different form/factors with the same options Pickering Interfaces continues to promote its test solutions in multiple platforms, allowing the user to choose the most appropriate platform for their test system.

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