Tuesday 8 April 2014

Cyber Security for Industrial Control and Automation Systems: Conference

"While no one can prevent industrial cyber attacks from occurring, you can significantly reduce your risk by understanding your vulnerabilities and minimising the consequences."

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The ISA Ireland conference, Cyber Security for Industrial Control and Automation Systems, (Twitter tag: #IndCyber) is focused on raising awareness of Industrial Cyber Security, and preventing or mitigating the damage that a cyber attack will have on Control and Automation Systems used throughout manufacturing, utility and transportation sectors.

A range of International Experienced Speakers have been selected to highlight the nature of the threat, how your systems and infrastructure can be better protected, and methods to minimise attacks on your business. Without implementing the proper preventative measures, an industrial cyber attack could contribute to equipment failure or impairment, production loss or regulatory violations, with possible negative impacts on the environment or public welfare. Incidents of attacks on these critical network infrastructure and control systems highlight vulnerabilities in the essential infrastructure of our society such as the smart grid, which could become more of a focus for cybercriminals in the coming years.

The event is targeted at the Industrial Control Sector that affects all manufacturing industry to a high degree as well as the national utility and transportation providers. These are systems that cannot afford to be shut down immediately when they come under cyber attack.

The conference aims to:
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  • Reveal how to detect cyber threats, and mitigate the risks and exposure to your plant systems and networks 
  • Introduce proven industrial control systems security standards and practices and demonstrate how to apply them 
  • Showcase best practices utilized in various industries and highlight peer experiences and lessons learned 
As well as threats from external sources steps ought to be taken to protect  Control and Automation Systems from internal threats which can cripple a company for days, weeks or even months.

This conference on the 8th of May 2014 in Cork will address the nature of Industrial Cyber Security threats and show what steps many of the control system manufacturers and end users are taking as they implement Cyber Security Standards like ISA/IEC62443 (Industrial Automation and Control Systems Security) and ISA99.

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