Tuesday 1 April 2014

Patient leaflet inspection system!

Olmec has designed and installed an end of line patient leaflet inspection system to be used with a new OTC decongestant product. The patient leaflets are hand-inserted into the product carton and Olmec has worked in close collaboration with the supplier to develop an extremely simple user-interface. 

Patient leaflets are dispensed from a friction feeder and a simple code-reading system reads the pharmacode and compares it to the code in a database to confirm that it is the correct leaflet. An interface with the leaflet feeder ensures that incorrect leaflets are automatically rejected and do not reach the packer. 

The user interface is designed so that the operator simply has to select the correct recipe for the product and the system does the rest. The packing line has several operators working together and great care has been taken to optimise the read-rate of the leaflets to ensure that there is no delay in their delivery to the operators.   

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