Tuesday 15 April 2014

Portable water analysis!

Portable parameter diversity and spectral accuracy

Hach Lange has developed a new generation device for portable water analysis – the DR 1900 Spectrophotometer.

The robust and waterproof entry level model in the tried and tested cuvette test system  delivers officially recognised results in just a few work steps and is ideal for use anywhere thanks to its lightweight design and its battery operation.

The DR 1900 offers the full spectrum of methods in the 340–800nm wavelength range and can be used with all common cuvette sizes, making it suitable for all waste water, drinking water, surface water and industrial water measurements.
Users can access over 200 predefined methods and up to 50 self-programmable applications.

Further highlights of the DR 1900 include its simple and intuitive operation, compact dimensions and lightweight design. Optional accessories such as a power supply, mini USB module and an outdoor rucksack make the DR 1900 the ideal solution for routine analysis tasks both on site and in the laboratory

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