Sunday 6 April 2014

Software helps take advantage of OPC standard!

The MatrikonOPC UA Proxy has just been launched. It makes it easy for companies to take advantage of the next generation Open Process Control (OPC) standard – OPC Unified Architecture (UA) – whilst continuing to use their existing OPC classic architectures.
Key features
· Streamlined setup workflow allows for connection in minutes
· Easy to use, the smart defaults require minimal user knowledge of OPC UA
· Eliminates traditional DCOM or firewall issues
· Operates on Windows system server

While the OPC UA standard is backward compatible with classic OPC from a data perspective, it uses different technologies to establish connections and transmit OPC data. Using the UA Proxy from MatrikonOPC, companies can bridge this gap, making it possible for them to maximize their ROI on their existing classic OPC architecture whilst being free to adopt the broad range of new OPC UA based product offerings.

“Companies using OPC classic have seen the benefits that the adoption of open standards can bring to their business as well as the additional value OPC UA has to offer, but sometimes have concerns about how to go about tying the two technologies together,” said Darek Kominek, marketing manager, MatrikonOPC. “With the release of the UA Proxy, MatrikonOPC removes those obstacles – providing the first easy, reliable way to seamlessly combine these two OPC technologies.”

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