Tuesday 24 September 2013

Self-contained digital pH and ORP measurement!

Yokogawa has combined its expertise in pH and ORP sensor technology with integrated digital communications and signal-processing circuitry to produce the SENCOM (SENsor COMmunication) range of self-contained smart sensing solutions.

The SENCOM smart sensor design enables improved maintenance management and diagnostics, further enhancing the simplicity and reliability that Yokogawa is renowned for. In addition, SENCOM has its own permanent calibration memory, allowing it to be calibrated in the laboratory before returning it to the field, resulting in improved accuracy with reduced operating costs, shorter downtime, and improved safety.

These sensors maintain specific measurement and calibration data and this information can be exchanged between the sensor and a transmitter such as Yokogawa’s FLEXA family. Dedicated SENCOM SPS24 management software is also available for use with a Windows PC. Utilising historical measurement, calibration and diagnostic data from the sensor, the SPS24 data management system provides users with the tools necessary to predict maintenance and calibration frequency and estimate sensor life. The calibration information can be managed, analysed and conveniently documented by the SENCOM SPS24 software.

This new sensing approach enables simplified maintenance by the replacement of “pre-calibrated” sensors. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor sensor aging in real time using a sensor “wellness” feature, as well as carrying out reference impedance measurements for the early detection of diaphragm clogging.

The new software makes it possible to optimise the performance of pH/ORP sensors for enhanced reliability and process safety. The software allows the operator to continuously monitor pH/ORP sensor measurements, perform calibrations and configure the various parameters, keeping track of up to 100 different SENCOM sensors.

The first SENCOM sensor to be introduced in Yokogawa’s new family is a pH/ORP sensor, targeting applications requiring easy, accurate and reliable measurements. Future sensors will target the full spectrum of pH and ORP applications in the power, utilities, petro-chemical, chemical and pulp & paper industries. The new SENCOM sensors are designed to deliver new levels of accuracy and reliability even in the harshest of industrial environments.

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