Tuesday 24 September 2013

Stainless steel cooling units

Rittal now have standard pricing for the stainless steel variants of their cooling units, including those from the TopTherm Generation Blue e range. A selection of wall-mounted cooling units, with nominal outputs in the range 300-1500 W and rated operating voltages of 230 V AC and 400 V AC, are now also available from stock.

Cooling units keep the air inside an enclosure below a maximum permissible temperature, which may be even lower than that of the air surrounding it. The ambient air is used to cool refrigerant, which removes the heat from the air inside the enclosure, at a high temperature and pressure. However, due to separate internal and external air circuits, these units satisfy an ingress protection category of IP54 and the air inside the enclosure is simply recirculated preventing the ingress of dust or other contaminants into the enclosu-re.

To lessen their impact on the environment and reduce operating costs Rittal’s TopTherm Generation Blue e cooling units incorporate energy efficient EC fans, revised components in the refrigerant circuit and an energy saving control strategy. The Eco-mode software, which restricts the use of the internal fan, can have a significant impact on energy consumption, particularly in periods when no cooling is required.

As a result of the now standard pricing and ready availability of wall-mounted stainless steel cooling units, Rittal can respond quickly to demands for enclosure cooling when standard units do not meet the needs of the application. Equipment destined for, for example, the food and beverage and offshore industries may fall into this category.

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