Tuesday 24 September 2013

Installation Tester for the British market!

Robin, partnered with Amprobe, offers a wide range of cost-effective, innovative test equipment specifically designed to make the electrician’s job faster and easier. This includes the Robin-Amprobe KTS1625 Digital Multifunction 17th Edition Installation Tester specifically designed for insulation/continuity/RCD/loop/voltage testing in the British electrical market.

The Robin-Amprobe KTS1625 is a multifunction installation tester, designed to allow testing to BS7671 IEE 17th Edition regulations, measuring various parameters of the electrical system to provide complete safety analysis. It enables loop impedance measurements, measurement of continuity and insulation resistance of motors, transformers or wires, as well as testing of RCD functions and measurement of voltage and frequency. With a CAT III 300V safety-rating, it features a large backlit display providing dual measurements.

Safety and performance are the two most critical requirements for every electrical system. The quality of insulation, properly working grounding system and active protection are “must haves” to assure safety of people, electrical systems and buildings against electrocution, fire, and other equipment damage. They are critical to prevent loss of productivity due to power interruption. The KTS1625 can test these properties.

Robin-Amprobe products are sold and supported by a wide range of dealers and are backed up by a professional support service.

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