Thursday 5 September 2013

Flow monitoring for oil & gas!

Expro Meters has entered into a strategic sales representative agreement with KROHNE Australia Pty Ltd. Under the terms of the agreement, KROHNE Australia will act as a reseller of Expro Meters’ SONAR based flow monitoring systems for upstream and midstream oil and gas applications in Asia and Australia.

The SONAR product range comprises cost-effective, non-intrusive flow meters and measurement services for individual well, flowline and overall field production surveillance, enabling oil and gas producers to realise increased value from their wells and fields through improved production monitoring, optimisation of well performance, increased efficiency and reduced metering costs.

Patrick Matthews, Managing Director of KROHNE Australia, commented: “The sales agreement with Expro is a strategic partnership of high importance for KROHNE in Asia and the Pacific. Partnering with a leading oil and gas service company such as Expro Meters is very exciting for us, as we have targeted the oil and gas sector as a high growth area for KROHNE. The SONAR range adds perfectly to the KROHNE portfolio and we have been applying SONAR flow technology to difficult applications outside of oil and gas for several years. Based on this experience, we strongly believe that the combined flow knowledge of our two global companies will offer our oil and gas customers both unique and powerful solutions. We also believe this relationship will enhance our position to establish a Centre of Excellence for Reservoir Management & Wet Gas Metering in Asia”.

“KROHNE is a recognized leader in providing reliable, high-quality products to the oil and gas sector. The KROHNE Asia organization has extensive reach throughout the region, and they have a track record of responding to and exceeding customers’ needs by offering innovative technical solutions. Additionally, the KROHNE Asia organization has technical knowledge of and years of experience with SONAR metering technology. This combination makes them a uniquely qualified strategic reseller for us in Asia”, added Craig Watterson, Expro Meters Global Sales Manager.

Sonar-based flow measurement technology was introduced to the oil and gas industry with the deployment of the first downhole, fibre optic multiphase sonar flow meter in 2000. The PassiveSONAR™ meter was introduced in 2003 as the first-generation clamp-on SONAR meter. It is well suited for high liquid loading multiphase flows typical of black oil wells and low pressure gas wells. In 2009, Expro Meters introduced ActiveSONAR™, the second generation clamp-on SONAR meter. The ActiveSONAR™ meter is well suited for gas and gas condensate wells in heavy schedule pipes. Expro Meters utilises both types of clamp-on SONAR flow measurement products to address the wide range of flow line conditions encountered in oil and gas applications, and has exclusive rights to SONAR flow measurement technology in topside upstream and midstream oil and gas markets.

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