Monday 2 September 2013

Dew point analyser for hire in Europe

Transportable hydrocarbon dew-point analyser to rent makes verification of natural gas quality easily accessible

Michell Instruments’ new Condumax II Transportable Hydrocarbon and Water Dew-Point Analyser is now available to rent in Europe. It allows users to make spot-checks of hydrocarbon and water dew point – critical parameters of natural gas quality – at any point in their process or pipeline.

With its affordable cost, the rental instrument provides companies in the whole gas industry with complete flexibility to verify the accuracy of their online hydrocarbon dew-point analysers with no need to make capital expenditure.

The Condumax II Transportable has a robust transport case with conditioning and sample hoses suitable for performing supervised measurement sequences. Typical applications for the instrument include investigations into the performance of hydrocarbon reduction processing by natural gas producers or spot-checking the quality of natural gas at key points in a pipeline, as well as many others at anywhere in the natural gas supply chain.

As Michell’s technical consultant, Andy Benton, explains, ‘The Transportable Condumax II provides a totally flexible analyser package for investigations into natural gas quality – which means that it could be employed anywhere in the natural gas supply chain, from processing plants through to pipeline transmission, and by large users such as electricity generation companies. So it’s important that the system can be loaded into and out of a pick-up truck for transport to sites where operation is fully automated in providing sensitive and highly repeatable measurements.’ This ease of use reduces the reaction time of test measurements as well as the cost.

The Transportable Condumax II is certified for use in hazardous areas around the world, including ATEX, IECEx, CSA and GOST, with specific local certification available.

Other Michell products available to hire are the portable dew-point hygrometers – Easidew Portable, MDM300 and MDM300 I.S. These allow quick and easy spot-checks to be made of water dew point in a number of processes from compressed air systems to natural gas (with the intrinsically safe version).

Michell products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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